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INfrastructure inspection made simple

The Spy II inspection system has been designed to safely inspect the most difficult places to reach (manholes, sewers, chimneys, towers, dams, and silos). Its unique propellers configuration enables a stable and precise visual inspection. With its ability to operate in GPS-denied environments, its collision recovery capability, and its great versatility, it can easily be adapted to your specific application. The standard system is equipped with a 4K camera, but it can also host a multitude of sensors (LiDAR, thermal camera, etc.).


Inspect any infrastructure with incredible precision. Get centimetric stabilization in GPS denied area.

easy to use

No need to be a professionnal drone pilot to use this easy to use inspection tool. Be ready to operate following an hour long training.


Our system has been developped to operate in the harshest environment. It unique cage design makes it nearly impossible to damage.


The Spy II inspection system winch allows it to be lowered down in hard to reach spaces. It can be installed under a beam, a crane, or even a drone.

No need for a drone?

Piloting a drone in a confined space with very limited by flight time can be stressful. There is no such tradeoff with the Spy II inspection system. This stabilized robotic platform can be suspended under any anchor and has over 35 minutes of autonomy. It could either be suspended under a beam, a crane, or even a carrier drone. With its propeller's configuration, you can remotely point your camera anywhere to inspect every corner.

The Spy II inspection system has already been tested inside a hydroelectric dam, industrial chimneys, and manholes. It has proven its robustness in all these difficult environments. If you want more information about the Spy II, feel free to contact us.

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Suspended platform
Battery autonomy
Winch cable length
Operating temperature
Main camera
360° camera
Distance Sensor

Remote controller
Operating range
Video link resolution
Ambient lights modules
Light beam

26 X 26 X 69 cm
3.3 kg
35 min (with 2.6 Ah battery)
0 - 30 m
-10°C to 40°C

Sony RX0 II 15.3 Megapixels
Insta360 Virtual Tour Kit
TeraRanger Evo 15m

Herelink system
up to 20 km (FCC)
1080P/30 FPS

4 x 2000 LM LED, dimmable
1000 LM LED, 10 meters range

Spy II inspection system

User interface specifically designed for inspection

battery State of charge and Voltage level
Signal strength indicator
Camera'S orientation
realtime platform and winch status
Distance sensor indication


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