DeLeaves tree sampling tool is traveling to Vietnam to collect precious genetic material

DeLeaves offers new possibilities for biodiversity preservation

The Deleaves’ project started with an idea coming from our initial partners from the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. Following a first visit to Vietnam in 2016, we made a second trip to this part of Asia in 2018. Our trip took us to remote areas of Vietnam where we sampled several tree species including azadirachta indica and aesculus wangii.

Many species of plants and trees disappear each year for multiple reasons. In Vietnam, arable land is scarce and people are desperate to find a place to farm. This phenomenon has had a significant impact on the forest area, which is in constant decline. Faced with these changes, researchers at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden are looking to collect samples from the rugged terrain of Vietnam. Obviously, these samples were once completely inaccessible due to the height of the trees, the presence of cliffs and the dense mountainous jungle.

With this trip, our tool has demonstrated its effectiveness and benefits over traditional tree top sampling techniques. The samples collected will help build an inventory for endangered species in this region of the world.

For more informations, here is a link to our partners’ blog.