Removing toxic Browntail Moth nests

Credits: Anita Brosius-Scott

Why not using a drone to remove toxic nests of invasive insects? This is the idea that has been brought to us by concerned citizens in Maine, seeing their trees occupied by hundreds of Browntail Moth nests. After a relevant trial achieved by DeLeaves in Maine last December, this has turned out to be a successful initiative. Since 2022, some early users of the tool have been able to reach an efficiency of about 1 nest removal per 2 minutes. As this is not seen as a global solution to the Browntail Moth problem in Maine, it certainly “holds promise to help protect high-value trees in critical locations around homes and businesses, and in municipal parks” , as stated in this article published in the Maine Monitor. In fact, the DeLeaves is a non-toxic solution that can go where bucket trucks cannot, while avoiding human contact with those highly urticating nests. See by yourself in this short video of the demo here.