DeLeaves twig sampling tool has collected branches from 50m tall Douglas Fir for NEON

DeLeaves tool is being test with our partners from NEON

In July 2019, we traveled across the continent to work with the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). The sampling campaign took place at the Wind River Experimental Forest in Washington State. The objective of NEON is to provide scientific data to researchers to improve our understanding and knowledge on the evolution of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the United States.

Therefore, it was necessary to collect samples at the top of the trees with the DeLeaves tool on 13 plots dispersed in the experimental forest. For this campaign, we collected samples on Douglas fir, silver fir and hemlock with some trees reaching 60 m high. We also had the opportunity to train a researcher on drone sampling with our tool. In less than half a day, this researcher managed to collect multiple samples from treetops. This experience has demonstrated the great usability of our tool.

With the samples collected, the NEON team will be able to analyze the foliar chemical and structural properties. This will provide essential information on tree health and their nutrient composition. As well, this data will help in the development and validation of foliar trait models leveraging airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data.

For more informations, here is a link to NEON’s blog.