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Collect plants samples on cliffs WITH precision

The Mamba sampling tool has been initially designed to sample plants on cliffs, but it could also be used to sample trees or perform in-contact infrastructure inspection. With its centimetric precision in GPS-denied environments, its collision recovery capability, and its great versatility it can easily be adapted to your specific application. Contact us now for more information.

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Collect the sample of your choice with the Mamba sampling tool. Get centimetric precision in GPS denied area.

easy to use

Our fully automated cutting sequence can be activated by pressing a single button.


Our tool is fully compatible with the DJI  M300 series. No modification needed to the UAV.


The Mamba sampling tool cable length and sampling mechanism orientation are fully adjustable to let you sample any plant species in any situation.

Redefining aerial MANIPULATION

The Mamba sampling tool is a stabilized robotic platform that can be suspended under a UAV. The Mamba can move itself independently from the UAV with great precision allowing the completion of tasks that require dexterity.

It has allowed the collection of some of the rarest plants on earth during a joint project with the National Tropical Botanical Garden and National Geographic. Our company is developing technologies that are redefining what is possible to achieve with aerial robotics. Do you think we could collaborate on another project? Do you want more information about the Mamba? Feel free to contact us.

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Aerial sampling tool
Max. cutting diameter
Max. sample weight
Battery capacity
Battery voltage
Adjustable cable length
UAV compatibility
Ground Station
Operating range
Operating system
Video link resolution
Battery capacity
Operating temperature
Charging temperature

15 mm
200 g
1-3 samples
‍11.1 V (3S)
10 - 20 m
DJI M300, M600

up to 20 km (FCC)
1080P/30 FPS
Built-in 4950 mAh

0°C - 40°C
10°C - 40°C

Mamba sampling tool

User interface specifically designed for sampling

battery State of charge and Voltage level
Signal strength indicator
sampling sequence progression
realtime tool's status
one button automated cutting sequence


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