ROBOTIc solutions to access and interact with HARD-TO-Reach environments
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Use Cases

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Use Cases

Providing unique aerial robotics solutions

OutReach is developing state-of-the-art robotic solutions to operate in harsh, remote, and GPS denied environments. Our products and custom solutions are versatile and easy to use, enabling our partners to explore previously unreachable locations.

These unique aerial robotics solutions are designed for multiple applications, ranging from environmental sciences and forestry to infrastructure inspection. The tools can be suspended under a drone, under a crane, or even on a fixed anchor providing different ways of using our technology.

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what we do


Our solution works for any tree height or vegetation density. Collect  previously unreachable samples.

Time saving

By flying over the trees, we can collect branches far away from access roads in only a few minutes.


No more risk of injuries associated with tree sampling. Avoid neck pains and hazardous situations.

cost saving

The use of a drone saves significant costs compared to the use of climbers, helicopters or cranes.  

What we do

custom solutioNS

We have become specialists in developing tailor-made robotic solutions for our partners. With our highly qualified team, we can quickly develop solutions adapted to difficult environments. Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs.

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aerial robotic products

We have developed aerial robotic solutions through the years that have become popular for different applications. Do you need to sample leaves from the canopy? Sample a plant from a remote cliff? Closely inspect an hard-to-reach infrastructure? Our solutions can solve your problems, and many more. Have a look at one of our product page or contact us.


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